Best Practice: Lameness Prevention

1. Create a consistent and effective hoof trimming program.

A comprehensive hoof trimming program is the cornerstone of a good lameness prevention program.


Hoof Trimming Protocol Template

Hoof Trimming Protocol.docx

Hoof Trimming Tools of the Trade

Hoof trimming tools of trade.pdf

How to use hoof lesion recording forms

How to use hoof lesion recording charts.pdf

Hoof Lesion Recording Form (leg specific)

Lameness Lesion Recording Form_leg-specific.doc

Lame Cow Reporting Sheet

Lameness Recording Sheet_cow.xls

2. Develop a consistent routine for digital dermatitis prevention.

After addressing environmental factors to improve hygiene, a good footbath or spraying program is critical to minimize the incidence of digital dermatitis.


Footbath Design

Footbath Design 081914.pdf

Footbath Dose Calculator


3. Manage the cow and her environment to minimize impact of metabolic problems and standing time on lameness.

Lameness is a complex disease and there is no simple fix for any lameness problem.  Both cow factors such as body condition score and environmental factors such as increases in standing time can impact lameness.


Using Success Factors to Address Lameness

Additional Resources for Lameness Prevention

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